"CUPID'S" CASKS - New January/February 2015

Les fûts CUPIDON Actualités

A new decorative and olfactory creation for a special Valentin's Day


A new holder: Limited edition “CUPID’S" CASKS

Valentine’s Day has celebrated love since the days of Ancient Rome and to mark the occasion, NAMAKA has paid homage to an iconic figure in the Greco-Roman pantheon: Cupid. The son of the Goddess of Love pierces men’s hearts with his silver arrows to awaken their desire and with NAMAKA’s new limited edition collection, they can now declare their love. CUPID’S CASKS is a collection of olfactory objets d’art in mouth-blown glass designed by Malguy Delrieux in close collaboration with the master glassmaker Nicolas Laty.

A prestige collection in the noblest of colours symbolising the feelings of love – silver with lunar reflections, gold, capturing a perfect solar love and bronze, crystallising passion and love at first sight.

These limited edition creations are available in 200g holders and showcase the 8 fragrances with aromachological properties including the two new fragrances, NAMAKA#17 et NAMAKA#19.

They can also be made to order in 350g and 600g versions in 3 weeks to correspond to the different codes and language of love you wish to express.

The NAMAKA team is at your disposal for all inquiries.